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As the investigation grows, the complete wreckage is recovered, flight data analyzed, and flight personal interviews conducted, the answers to the crash will come out. The crew radioed a company mechanic on the ground with an urgent plea: Were there any "hidden circuit breakers" that could cut off power to the horizontal stabilizer--the device they believed had taken deadly control of the plane?

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There is no question. I'll be opened later after the other platform members here make brief comments relative to their role and part in this tragedy, and I'd first like to introduce John Hammerschmidt from the National Transportation Safety Board, obviously, who play materially and centrally in these efforts and who have just arrived on scene, this morning -- John. So we are trying to keep it done by Coast Guard cutters, if we can. In an all-too-familiar ritual, news reports quickly and poignantly filled out the lives that matched the names on the passenger list. It is the subject of a federal investigation into alleged falsification of maintenance records in its Oakland, Calif. This was its first major accident in decades. It turned out to be not an emergency but a bad gauge in the case of the plane that I was on, but I watched the procedure worked through, and that's exactly what they do.

We will continue our efforts through the day until I believe there is no chance of finding survivors. Was there any military activity at all that might somehow shed some light on all of this?

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In fact, there've been divers to 1, feet. Again my name the John Hammerschmidt. I am confident those questions will be answered as time follows. The NTSB is always exploring every possible answer. Data par. In the comfort of my own home I once again visited the Seattle Times homepage to see if there had been a poll conducted after the accident. We have, in fact, heard the pinging.

The U. The first hour and a half was smooth flying: at p.

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And then following that, there will be a brief statement by a representative of Alaska Airlines. They weren't in violation of the law by not having done it yet, as long as they took care of it by the next one.

And what that does, it picks up the ping of the "Black boxes" and gives a location.

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The Fall Of Flight