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Certificate: 18 Academy Awards, box office dividends, the trappings of fame and fortune, the Coen Brothers have been dancing with the devil of late - Fargo's successes supposedly introducing the brothers grim to the rapt world of the commercial big time.

This scene is comprised of Donny, Walter, and The Dude sitting at their lane in the bowling alley discussing the attack on The Dude by some hired thugs 7min 25 sec. Trust the Dude to find it.

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He remembers names better than a politician, is crafty in his strategies, and burns with a fiery zeal on behalf of those films he consents to represent.

The story they have created is intriguing and entertaining, but the true entertainment comes from the unique characters. Best movie ever He wants what is right.

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John Goodman and John Turturro displaying two of the most memorable and hilarious characters you'll ever come across. Visually director Joel has surpassed himself, surreally complementing the fervid script with a trippy beauty.

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Steve Buscemi is hilarious in this and of course Jeff Bridges. There is one POV shot from within a rolling bowling ball. The movie stays a comedy great without forcing laughs upon you, it isThe Big Lebowski is the funniest movie ever created, the Coen Brothers deliver one of their best movies about a slacker caught up in a case of mistaken identity that leads him into a ludicrous situation involving kidnap. As a rather avid moviegoer, I found the film to be a great excersise in pointless extremeties and respectable raunch. I suspect they cast Huddleston for the physical resemblance. This look of concentration is juxtaposed with the look of confused happiness, an empty smile, Buscemi uses when Donny makes a point in the conversation. He is as tall, as shaggy and sometimes as mood-altered as Jeff Lebowski, although much more motivated.

How would you handle a situation of mistaken identity? This leads indirectly to the Dude being savagely beaten by hit men who mistake him for the Big Lebowski.

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The Big Lebowski review