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Post analysis Analysing language is the first step for the teacher in the process of presentation.

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On the one hand, a function such as comparing, inviting, asking for permission may be expressed by a number of different structures, as in these suggestions: Why don't we watch a film? Google Scholar Wang, Y. Postcolonialism: An historical introduction. Language Testing. London and New York: Pearson Education; Language and symbolic power. Changing teachers, changing times. Globalizing practices and university responses: European and Anglo-American differences. Google Scholar Xu KQ. Google Scholar Loomba A. Word order and structures which follow transitive verbs, verb plus infinitive or gerund Pronunciation contractions, question forms, tag questions The written form and the spoken form. Teacher beliefs and practice in the implementation of a new English language curricular in China.

New York: Routledge; London: Routledge; Function - the purpose s for which the language is to be used and the contexts in which it is used, by whom and in which situations. Potential problems.

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Comparative Education. The findings show that the students' role is responsive rather than proactive. Finally, careful consideration should be given to rules which govern form in relation to use and meaning. In: Braine G, editor. New York: Peter Lang; Some experts not qualified to teach English.

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Essence or practice? Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press;

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