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Much of the scholarship on Phillis Wheatley has focused on synthesizing articles previously written about her, in order to highlight her historical importance in the early phase of American literature.

Phillis Wheatley incorporated classical form and content to express her opinion on freedom to effectively speak out on slavery not with her voice, but with her pen. What reward is most proper for promoting the practice of truth, justice, and humanity?

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Bythe American colonies felt cheated by the taxes levied upon them by Britain. My paper goes further in that I will examine the literary roots of her poetry in the classics, and show the relationship between those roots questioning of slavery.

In the one case it would be impossible for me to prefer myself to others as I should be the sole object of my own consciousness; and in the other case I must love all others as myself, because I should then be nothing more than part of a whole, of which all others would be equally members with myself.

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But it was the Whitefield elegy that brought Wheatley national renown. Religion, indeed, has produced a Phillis Wheatley; but it could not produce a poet. Consistently using such a scheme gives the poem shape and movement. Benjamin Rush, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

During the eighteenth century, much of the population did not see Africans as equal to the white population.

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Wheatley died on March 3, Another set of authors make virtue consist in those affections only which aim at the happiness of others, not in those which aim at our own. Although she did not live to see the end of slavery, her works serve as evidence of the actions she took to counteract the effects of slavery. Peters, to have practiced law perhaps as a free-lance advocate for hapless blacks , kept a grocery in Court Street, exchanged trade as a baker and a barber, and applied for a liquor license for a bar. The donors had assembled them in groups to go with lectures prepared in advance and we maintained this arrangement for a time, although it was not in accord with our general plan. His actions seem then to demand, and, if I may say so, to call aloud for a proportionable recompense. What certainty of its continuance? Perhaps she was comparing the death of this young girl to her experience in coming to America. NOTES 1 Phillis Wheatley became the first published African American, and upon its printing, sixteen notable men in Boston signed a letter to ensure that Phillis Wheatley did in fact produce the poetry included in Poems. Her praise for Maecenas mirrors that of Horace in his Odes, and the inclusion of the Roman slave Terence creates a link over time between two enslaved poets. Comparably, Henry Louis Gates Jr. The man who, to all the soft, the amiable, and the gentle virtues, joins all the great, the awful, and the respectable, must surely be the natural and proper object of our highest love and admiration.

Wheatley, however, did have a statement to make about the institution of slavery, and she made it to the most influential segment of 18th-century society—the institutional church. What certainty of its continuance?

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These myths, when analyzed through an introduction to the phillis wheatley and her writing techniques the proper names they contain, and compared with those of the better known mythologies of the old world, show plainly that their original purport was to recount, under metaphorical language, on the one hand the unceasing struggle of day with night, light with darkness, and on the other, that no less important conflict which is ever waging between the storm and sunshine, the winter and summer, the rain and the clear sky. Kemble is the only great and truly impressive actor I remember, who rose to his stately height by the interposition of art and gradations of merit. While writing a thesis one should bear in mind that it cant be a collection of ordinary, well-known ideas. Wheatley died on March 3, Despite the obstacles that lay in her path, she eventually received proper recognition of her works. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rank my writingability at 8. Christians believe in one God who they worship, trust, and look up to. With what zeal and anxious affection I attended him through that his agony of glory; what part, my son, in early flush and enthusiasm of his virtue and the pious passion with which he attached himself to all my connexions, with what prodigality we both squandered ourselves in courting almost every sort of enmity for his sake, I believe he felt, just as I should have felt, such friendship on such an occasion.

Benjamin Franklin, Esq.

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