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The target audience is towards the general alcohol consuming society, but primarily concentrating towards the males. My comments will be minuscule pointing out minor tweaks I would have modified. It is obvious they are still a part of the market they have not fully escaped the use of beer advertising stereotypes but as they are now seen as signifiers of a beer advert this is not wholly a negative thing. Write in complete sentences, and compose your responses into paragraphs unless otherwise directed. Also the speed and violence of the game is highlighted through 6 Daniel Eggleston slow motion. The brief for the subsequent pitch was simple: to get the brand growing faster. The Musical Quarterly. Allan, D. Therefore, they began to obtain a new market, by promoting Guinness in African countries using a stereotypical masculine character Shimp, So… phones down?

The music was very fitting to the advertisement as it was exciting and thrilling when playing basketball and encouraging and uplifting while the friends gathered in the bar to share a drink. This becomes more evident with further analysis of the communication between the different parties. It's also encouraging you to be the best that you can be, it doesn't matter who you are, or what your past is, you go and there and do it.

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Guinness overtly mention their beer with friendship but due to the way in which they promote it, as just one aspect of a positive ideology it also cannot be attributed to what can be considered negative friendship stereotypes which would make drinking Guinness attractive to underage drinkers.

Vodka by using historical references and its clear container with calligraphy on it, which differentiates that brand with others.

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Its provocative speech, together with the carefully designed filming techniques compels the audience from beginning to end. Ever wondered why? Wheelchair basketball is being manipulated instead for the message it shows and how in the scenario that is depicted in the ad links to their current marketing theme. About their identity. Denmark: Narayana Press Roberts, K. The ideal audience for this advertisement would be adults over the legal drinking age either 17, 18, 19, 20 or 21 according to the local government. Using a group of friends to promote an alcoholic beverage is by no means a new technique. The camera then pans to the whole group who are now sitting around a table drinking Guinness.

The signified requires prior knowledge and understanding of the media text, and finally, the myth is a collective cultural understanding of the media text Barthes, Audible Communication The audible linguistic data in the advert has been defined as audible communication in this essay for ease of comparison.

Both talk to the confidence of the teams too, a momentum that had built around the campaign.

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Visuals colors, people, graphics, animations Six friends all dressed in gym clothes dripping with sweat. So… phones down? Longhurst, B. In the first advertisement, the men are in wheelchairs and play a heated game of basketball. Advertisers do not sell the product, but they sell the trade dress. Pitch perfect Finding the music was also tricky. This promotion of positivity can be seen as an attempt to move away from the stereotypic beer advert where the beer is paired with a party lifestyle.

The brief for the subsequent pitch was simple: to get the brand growing faster. This model includes of three levels- the signifier, the signified, and the myth. Leech, G They allow beer drinkers to make a statement about their personal preferences.

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Guinness's 'Surfer' ad didn't do that well in research 'but we ignored it'