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These diplomatic moves pitted ruler against ruler, often in disputes over water rights. Enormous temples to the gods were built of stone so they would last forever. The houses had a circular plan and were constructed in stone and adobe and covered with branches and straw. The Lapis lazuli material is thought to have been imported through Mesopotamia from Afghanistan. Both have many significant similarities and differences. In Mesopotamia the rulers were believed to speak for their gods and to have a direct connection with them, but in ancient Egypt they were considered gods themselves. Mesopotamians invented the arch and the vault. In both societies, the patriarchal leaders were influenced by religion tremendously. The Carthaginians succeeded the Phoenician seafarers and extended their control over the Phoenician trading posts and colonies of the western Mediterranean. In the case of Egypt, the pharaoh was supreme ruler, thought to be a living god. One on my favorite things that we studied in that class was ancient Empires. People have different roles.

Both resulted from the consolidation of political and economic power. Religious rites were carried out in the temples.

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Lapis Lazuli probably originated in northern Afghanistan , as no other sources are known, and had to be transported across the Iranian plateau to Mesapotamia, and then Egypt. Many aspects of these great civilizations still influence our lives today. Join over , lifelong learners today! King Hammurabi's law declared these three groups: the free landowning, containing royalty, priests, and officials; the dependent farmers and artisans; and the slave class, who were usually prisoners of war. Seventy-three years later, Cyrus of Persia conquered them, and Mesopotamia joined the much larger Persian empire. Not only this is a double-negative that you do not need. They established trading enclaves in the south of the Peninsula.

The Egyptians also worshipped natural elements earth, river Nileanimals crocodileand the pharaoh. Finally they were conquered by the Romans in the 1st century BC.

Each farmer paid taxes in the form of grain. Mesopotamian pierced label, with symbol "EN" meaning "Master", the reverse of the plaque has the symbol for Goddess Inanna.

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This efficient and well-governed empire gave way to the Semitic rulers of Babylon in BC. They are all so rich in culture and history that they already have hundreds of books written about them.

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It also became a very important region for trade between Asia Minor, the Mediterranean area and Syria. In the last years of its history, the Persians and the Greek dominated Egypt. They cremated their dead and put their ashes in urns. They all had better agriculture, technology, development of state power and construction of cities. The birth of Mesopotamian Civilization began in c. Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia were both ruled by divine right. Both have many significant similarities and differences. Both resulted from the consolidation of political and economic power. The birth of primary urbanization happened first in Mesopotamia. The center of power moved upstream to Waset modern-day Luxor in Upper Egypt, home of the worship of the sun god, Amun-Re. In Mesopotamia, city rulers known as lugals were considered to have divine powers. The main god was the sun, called in different ways: Ra, Amun or Atum. The Egyptians believed in life after death and wanted to keep the bodies for the new life.

Ancient Egyptian Civilization Ancient Egyptian civilization endured for 3, years, but with ups and downs. This was the treasure. Information About Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Map of Sumer and Ancient Egypt.

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The Lapis lazuli material is thought to have been imported through Mesopotamia from Afghanistan. Egypt came under increasing Greek influence after BC as the state weakened, being conquered by the Romans, and was made a province of their empire in 30 BC.

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Each Mesopotamian "empire" whether Babylonian, Sumerian, or Assyrian was basically a federation of city states.

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Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt: A Comparison of Religions