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His hubris alienates Teiresias, Haimon, and his people This is because life should be pleasant and if one spends their whole life regretting something they did not do then how can one be happy with themselves Sophocles, in his play Antigone tries to portray just that in his characters Ismene and Antigone.

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This makes him both renowned and prosperous. This paper talks about Antigone, achievements and times of Sophocles. Throughout Antigone, they are in almost constant contention with each other.

A proper burial was valued; it seemed quite foolish to have multitudes of families crying over rotten corpse scattered through the city without a proper farewell.

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However choosing the path of morality, rather than straying afar is what defines the honorable from the deplorable. Yet, Sophocles also defines the place of a woman in his tragedies: Oedipus the King and Antigone.

People make decisions everyday in accordance with God's laws or the governments laws.

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