Authors purpose for writing animal farm

In the end, George Orwell simply wanted to educate people of society about how power can be negative and how people in power can manipulate their citizens to believe that they are the right leader for their respective societies. With the communist party portrayed as pigs, while the citizens of the U.

On the farm, a pig named Major creates laws that every animal must abide by. With all of these aspects incorporated into the book, he can easily depict the totalitarian government in a negative light and show how bad a society could get if the corruptness goes too far.

animal farm summary

Putting the world situation into the small perspective of farm animals helps to visualize the problem much easier on a smaller scale a parable of sorts. This novel serves to represent communism in a light that is quite brutal concerning the effects and reasons behind it.

Orwell decided to use animals instead of humans because it was a way for his readers to steer away from the events of that time and bring them into a new world that they could view in a different way.

This happens on the farm, the pigs become so obsessed with their own desires that they conduct mass executions of those who came against Napoleon and animalism.

authors purpose for writing animal farm

Pigs are often seen as dirty, fat animals that are only used to be slaughter and used for meat. Orwell wanted to create a story that could depict the world around him in the way he sees it.

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What does the authors purpose seem to be?