Bangladesh intellectual property rights

Intellectual property related laws in bangladesh?

Bangladesh Penal Code Recent Action: Munmuns Leather Pvt. The Chittagong University Journal of Law, 5, It is also admitted that there is no study as to how modern IP policy and law boost the socio-economic development along with the scientific and technological advancement giving policy priority. The Code of Civil Procedure An affected copyright owner can seek remedies both in the form of civil and criminal action against an infringement of copyrights in Bangladesh according to the copyright Act — amended in As Bangladesh moving towards fast economic development, we need to reap the benefits of Intellectual Property rights for the benefit of the country. On the other hand, delay in disposal of the civil and criminal matter and high litigation cost are also liable to lose the faith of affected people in judiciary to take resort to the court for effective remedy. To overcome the challenges described in this paper for ensuring compliance with the TRIPS obligation in the national legal system, government also needs to work with the other WTO member states combined with political commitment which makes IP regime in Bangladesh more thriving and prospective. The country also enacted the Information and Communication Technology law in to prevent software piracy Hoque,

One of the major hurdles with regard to stopping piracy is the lack of awareness among the creators as well as the general public. In this context, Government can take initiatives for the awareness campaign among the people about the significance and effective enforcement of IPRs.

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In Pakistan it was amended in and after Independence in Bangladesh, Copyright Act was passed. The local police lodged criminal action under the penal provision.

Bangladesh intellectual property rights

And this Act has been amended in with a view to expand the range of computer programs and to increase the punishment and fine for the violation of copyright in computer programs. It has already enacted The Copyright Act, to meet the obligations set out in the TRIPS and has amended the said Act inserting the scope of computer program and enhancing the punishment and compensation for infringer of the computer program Copyright Act, Amended This works as an economic incentive for their creation.

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New York: Zed Books.

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Regulations and customs in Bangladesh : Intellectual property