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business for artists

These competitors may be in your neighborhood, city or town, country and now ever increasingly all over the world. Something to build to.

No biggie right? It includes where you plan to advertise, what marketing materials you will generate to reach your prospective buyers, and investments you will make to expand your markets. Or for the Canadians… which US companies like to hire Canadians?

business plan for illustrators

The roughest part about working as an artist is building connections. By creating a business plan, of course! What connection can you find between you, your art, and your buyers?

business plan for artists pdf

That should be your ideal goal. Want to start getting control of your money? It reads more like a narrative mixed with a biography and sprinkled with tips for beginners.

Whether you do illustration, fine art, concept art, or even sewing or home crafts, this book can prove useful. Making a business plan. Universities, conservatories, acting and art schools create these bubbles.

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Top 10 Business Books For Professional Artists & Aspiring Artists