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Current literature indicates a cautiousness 19 , 20 among primary health care clinicians in relation to networked collaboration as well as considerable challenges for service managers in establishing governance systems which reflect the population focus of this way of working. Disclosure The authors report no conflicts of interest in this work. An expert steering group which included patients reviewed drafts of the findings and gave critical feedback. The actual nurse time involved in developing and implementing the strategy must also be considered. Coordinated central government policies provided incentives for organizations to collaborate. The results of the audit are disseminated across the case study area and between schools and GP practices. To make this work effectively, political and organizational commitment, networked leadership, and above all a vision of what they are trying to achieve is required.

These results confirm the role of susceptibility factors in asthma and show that indoor environmental factors contribute to the incidence of asthma. Ethical considerations Informed consent was obtained from all participants who were made aware that their contribution may be published.

Serge Daneault for his suggestion to use the nitrogen dioxide badge and his help in developing the questionnaire.

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However, establishing this service was highly dependent on the vision and energy of a single individual, which makes the replication of the service difficult to achieve. In rural areas surrounding the city, a postal code area indicates a region served by the post office or the postal branch. Similar results for chemical, physical, and biologic factors in the home are shown in table 2. A case-control study was carried out to meet this objective. An additional criterion for eligibility was that the child reside in the greater Montreal region. In analyses for which results are not shown, we derived a score based on the number of cigarettes smoked daily and the duration of the habit during the period between birth and time of diagnosis. The family allowance is a government stipend awarded to all families with children. The asthma support workers work with their school advisor to implement the school asthma policy. The odds ratios for nitrogen dioxide increased with each categorized level in comparison with the baseline category. These factors were grouped into three categories. All interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed verbatim. If the parents were willing to participate, an appointment for the interview was made. However, the sense of ownership the team had developed was creating enhanced understanding of local needs and driving innovations in practice. Categories were defined a priori.

However, in this case, there was little evidence of succession planning for the role of the asthma coordinator; neither was there evidence of service reconfiguration to adopt a more public-health-focused model. Data analysis The interview data from practitioners were open—coded using N-Vivo software.

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GPs are able to claim additional funding if they can demonstrate that they have met their QOF targets. A history of pneumonia, the absence of breast feeding, and a family history of asthma were also significant risk factors. Yet, despite these problems, the emergency admission rate of children to hospital in this area was 49 compared to the standardized national average in England of rate of hospital admissions per head of population, standardized to account for regional differences in age and sex, with the average for England assigned a rate of Front-line stewardship of service redesign is seen as a key attribute of all networked systems. Multiagency collaboration to address public health issues such as childhood asthma is increasingly being advocated. The sensitivity of the badge was 66 ppb per hour, and in one study it was reported to have a precision of 5. Each school has identified schools-based asthma support workers who could be teachers, first aid workers, or teaching assistants. The case study demonstrates that adherence to central government policies and a desire to meet centrally imposed targets, combined with an organic practice development methodology, has been instrumental in enabling the development of an effective local, networked asthma service. Nitrogen dioxide from the filter badge was analyzed spectrophotometrically in parts per billion ppb.

Multiagency collaboration to address public health issues such as childhood asthma is increasingly being advocated. The objective of the study was to estimate the contribution to asthma incidence of chemical, physical, and biologic indoor environmental factors, as well as family history of asthma and past infections, after accounting for personal susceptibility.

Findings from the other six case studies, reported elsewhere, 2 highlighted considerable fragmentation in the coordination of services. However, QOF targets are not specific to childhood asthma although children are included in them.

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All advisors and support workers have had specialist training in asthma management and are regularly updated as part of their professional development. And that then generates a work load for the school nurse.

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More generic community nurses were also able to access specialist knowledge from the asthma coordinator which enhanced their service.

Pollutants in the home are numerous, and their sources, such as tobacco smoking, are encountered frequently.

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Case study of a child with asthma