Case study on recruitment and selection

case study on recruitment and selection of infosys

Internal recruitment within Unilever Kenya limited is done majorly through Job posting and advertisements. Global Journal of Human Resource Management, 3 2.

The best process differs from organization to organization and can only be devised suiting the requirement of the organization and the resources available.

Hartel and Fujimoto, As a strategic process, HRP has three main steps: 1 Demand forecasting 2 Supply forecasting 3 Filling the gap between demand and supply to ensure HR optimization.

case study on selection with solution

He also saved thousands of dollars along the way on the unwanted turnover costs he had been experiencing before. For that it had to go through a Strategic Recruitment and Selection process at the time of recruiting its Staffing officer Georgia as well as all the other employees hired after her.

HRP is a dynamic process that involves scanning the environment and keeping in mind the short and long requirements of an organization keeping in mind the organizational objectives and cultures to ascertain the exact quality and quantity of employees when and where necessary.

case study on recruitment with questions and answers

Selection is done from this pool of candidates. This is however not to say that internal recruitment is the best method of selection, it also has its share of demerits, the first being that it attracts a limited number of applicants, equally it may leave out a more qualified candidate that would have suited the job better had external recruitment been done.

The candidates whose application forms are approved proceed to take aptitude and psychometric tests as a means of obtaining objective, reliable and relevant information on the candidate. Internal recruitment positively impacts on the company because it is less costly; it also retains valuable employees and gives the organization opportunity to utilize its training investment in the employee.

Case study on recruitment and selection with questions and answers

Selection on the other hand refers to the process of screening, testing and appointing a candidate from a recruitment pool. A good recruitment is possible only after careful planning and forecasting of gaps that may occur in the workforce. After antero HR did the Job Analysis and Job Description they quickly recognised the difficulty of the specific software experience Tom needed. Unilever Kenya Limited also has a very comprehensive website which relays all information about the company on a simple click. Internal recruitment also has the demerit of employees considering the promoted colleague as one of the gang and may not accord him or her respect and awe associated with the position in time. It is what is important and unimportant in the organization. It is often thought of as a powerful template that shapes what happens in the workplace. Unilever Kenya provides samples of these tests within their websites and is available for practice. They also had a high employee turnover. Human Resource Management. These are then easily accessible by all employees through newsletters i.

It is in this regard that highly competitive organizations like the Unilever strive to maintain competitive recruitment and selection process to obtain, maintain and retain competent staff.

Recruitment and selection processes avoid firm from incurring huge negative costs that is possible in the case of hiring the wrong workforce.

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With respect to internal recruiters, it is important to be aware that they will be viewed by applicants as representatives of the organization, and as such are important symbols to applicants of how well they would fit with the organization Breaugh, He found the depth of experience they had along with their Fee for Service approach to be appealing. Consequently the job description and job specification are developed which then guide the recruitment and selection process. Finally, this process compels the incumbent manager to put a pretense in interviewing all applicants when he or she knows in advance who is to take the job. Internal recruitment also has the demerit of employees considering the promoted colleague as one of the gang and may not accord him or her respect and awe associated with the position in time. An analysis by Kristof-Brown , shows that employees who fit well with their organization, coworkers, and supervisor had better and greater work satisfaction. HRM 3e. Their HR department was itself understaffed to manage such a huge staffing process.
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Recruitment and selection process: Case study of Unilever