Clarissa and septimus in mrs dalloway

Even Sir William Bradshaw, a highly respected physician, suggests sending Septimus off to an asylum because he violated societal norms and standards. Dalloway is neither a comedy or a tragedy, or drama or a romance.

Septimus has often been described as Mrs. Dalloway at some point during the day, but a couple whom she never meets.

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She craves private development and is offended when Peter Walsh casts her as merely a hostess. He serves the function of a scapegoat figure, the one who is sacrificed so that society may cleanse, redeem and re-fuel itself. By suggesting that Septimus is the alter ego of Clarissa, Virginia Woolf is trying to illustrate that a side of Clarissa is dying, or is submerged in madness. The social order of the time created standards and forced individuals into rigid roles with certain expectations — that of a wife and a soldier. This also supports the idea of a disordered reality without inherent logic or connection. This is interesting especially because the reader is not offered any of Septimus's thoughts at the moment of his suicide. The close bonding between Septimus and Clarissa is also reflected in their antagonistic attitude to the demands of the status quo. She wonders if she married the right man, if she truly loves the person society tells her she should, if the way she spends her days planning parties and running errands is worth anything, etc. Judging from the differences between these two characters, it would seem that Woolf intended for Clarissa to be the voice of reason and Septimus the voice of insanity. So, in appearance, this man acts as the complete opposite of Clarissa Dalloway, and so it is ironic that in reality, Septimus, a lunatic, and Clarissa, a cultured lady, are more similar than anyone else in the novel. For this reason, and this reason alone, Clarissa marries Richard over Peter; she is afraid of the emotional intimacy Peter expects. Richard Dalloway, and do not see her as an individual.

On the surface, as he appears to the world, Septimus is a maniac who speaks to thin air and converses with his dead friend from the war, Evans. Not only is it without order, though, it also blurs the distinction between sanity and insanity.

Clarissa's thoughts on death seem to pick up right where Septimus's leave off. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Why does Woolf choose a secondary character who is insane — what does she hope to accomplish by this decision?

Clarissa and septimus in mrs dalloway

She achieves this through her use of style, syntax, and form. Dalloway states that, originally it was Clarissa Dalloway who was to 'kill herself'. When Septimus commits suicide Clarissa experiences a moment of extreme clarity. The semicolon is used adroitly in the following observation by Mrs.

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This shows how strongly linked Clarissa and Septimus really are.

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