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It is the result of 3. Water Pollution Fresh water is crucial to life on Earth, yet more sources are being polluted through human activities each year. It can cause corns and small warts.

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All 7 key types of pollution — air, water, soil, noise, radioactive, light and thermal — are affecting our environment. These can also arise from poorly implemented hazardous waste management. Heavy metals, nitrates and plastic are toxins responsible for pollution.

One way to bring clean water to people is through digging wells. Make green choices.

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UV radiation has a shorter wavelength and higher energy than visible light. The waste can include needles, syringes, gloves, tubes, blades, blood, body parts and many more. Energy conservation: Use of renewable energy for home and business, effecting energy efficiencyand avoiding fossil fuel use to mitigate climate change and protect the environment.

As our actions have been not in favor of protecting this planet, we have seen natural disasters striking us more often in the form of flash floods, tsunamis and cyclones.

Toxic substances in these products can cause harm if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin.

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Top Environmental Issues To Worry About