Comparing and contrasting the battle of cannae and the battle of cowpens

why did the battle of cowpens happen

Please take a moment to review my edit. Please, guys, find a source or two and list your opinion here, in talk. He set up three lines of soldiers: one of skirmishers sharpshooters ; one of militia; and a main one. Livy notes one unnamed authority stated the volume of jewelry amounted to three and one-half measures Congius?

Hannibal also secured an alliance with the new King Hieronymus of Syracusethe only independent king left in Sicily. Morgan and his men played a key role in the victory at Saratoga, which proved to be a turning point of the entire war.

The whole battle, from the Carthaginian standpoint, is a consummate piece of art, having no superior, few equal, examples in the history of war. AdjectivesAreBad talk22 August UTC Actually for a long time it has been regarded as a "Decisive American victory", which is something that qualified historians decide, not the Wikipedia editing community.

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Comparing and Contrasting "The Battle of Cannae" and "The Battle of Cowpens"