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Adequate supply of talent will need to be ensured to achieve the promise that this segment holds.

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Bangladesh has one of the lowest labour rates, which makes it an attractive destination for animation outsourcing. Page 8 1.

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Background of entrepreneurs The enterprise will be a partnership business of which one will be the majority shareholder. If the business is just you and a laptop, you may not need any starting capital.

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It has provided us with a new perspective in regard to innovative ideas, a true eye-opener. The bulk of the outsourcing happens for 2D animation content with some amount of 3D content. Try these resources instead:. Promptness in bidding for animation video production contracts from the government and other organizations Advertise our business in relevant business magazines, newspapers, TV and radio stations. Lack of awareness of the industry unlike IT industry. Co-Production Service Model Animation companies in this region are moving up the value chain, from providing piece-meal outsourcing services to exploring the co-production model. Online Banner Ads 2. Revenues from Multiple Streams The integrated studios who own the IP and produce local content can realize revenues through various streams. Business Model Risk Overall aspect Perhaps your business is just an informal grouping of friends? I truly enjoyed writing this business plan because it has given me a chance to undertake thorough exploration on the fields of animation industry of Bangladesh and global as well. You can focus on animation for commercials, animation for computer games, animation for video games, CGI animation for special effects or you can focus on producing animated shorts or features. Currently, coproduction deals are being struck on a global revenue sharing model. If you are competing on price, how will you be cheaper than others?

Indeed, many experienced entrepreneurs enjoy offering advice to startup entrepreneurs. Tie-ups with educational institutes are helping overcome this difficulty. Bangladesh is also emerging as a post-production hub for animation.

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Remember that starting a business is very different from being an employee.

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animation studio business plan