Continuity of prophethood after prophet muhammad

However, there does exist the possibility of such a Prophet who would be an Ummati Prophet and an obedient follower of the Shariah of the Holy Prophet saw. In the Arabian Peninsula, for example, it took a very long time before the Prophet of Islam appeared. Then a speaker spoke from one side of the house, they did not know who it was, saying: Wash the Holy Prophet with his clothes on. When Righteousness declines, O Bharata! Hence true religion in every age invites to a living God Who speaks to man. Or, will people still drift away from God and lose the right path, even after the finality of prophethood? History bears strong evidence to it. This world is a grand reflector; in other words, it is a place of glasses for the reflection of the 'face' of God and the face of Satan. Let us now turn to another sect called the Brelvis.

The Witness in this verse signifies Ahmad as he was a Shahid Witness as all other Prophets were and was a witness to the truth of the 'one to whom witness is borne' in this verse, or Muhammad as he was a Mashhud One to whom witness is made as all other prophets were.

Now you must think why would I still believe that prophethood continues? Minar Al Hudaa, p.

Since then, prophets and messengers were sent to all the regions and all the peoples. Whenever a prophet died, he was succeeded by another prophet. Now we come to those leaders and founders of religions whose truth is neither vouchsafed nor refuted in the Qur'an and Hadith traditions. This is because the glory and the spiritual magnitude of all the prophets is manifested through him and he can be likened to the beautiful ring worn for adornment. In this respect, we may compare it with those sophisticated electronic devices which automatically adjust to the temperature, light, humidity and other relevant factors of the operating time. He was, and is the Last Prophet. If other peoples have had prophets, books, and laws, these constitute no difficulty for Islam. Our Responsibility Towards Previous Prophets It has been mentioned earlier that God sent , prophets throughout the world. Yet his followers now claim this to be their fundamental belief. What is the meaning of 'Kitabun munzal a book sent down?

Khan, Boston, Massachusettes, U. The moon is taken to be Ahmad because in every verse above where the moon is signified, the word Qamar is used and that word distinctly means Full Moon see: 'Moon of the Prophets' below.

As an answer to this taunt of the enemies, God declared in the verse under discussion that the line of his physical male descendants is no doubt cut off by the death of his sons but as Hadhrat Muhammad peace and blessings of God be on him is a Messenger of God, he possesses devoted followers who shall form a continuous and long line of spiritual descendants to keep his memory and name, and teachings alive for ever till the end of our time.

If other peoples have had prophets, books, and laws, these constitute no difficulty for Islam.

when prophet muhammad got nabuwat

Ibn Khaldun also mentions this meaning in his Muqaddama Vol. Yes, the Traditions attest this. This is one of the highest grades of the degrees of prophethood, as a true dream is one of the forty-six parts of prophethood.

Continuity of prophethood after prophet muhammad
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Lesson Six: The Continuity of Prophethood