Elementary persuasive writing prompts

Persuade your friend to trade lunches with you.

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Your gym teacher has decided that every Friday, the students will be able to vote on which game they want to play. Public safety is more important than an individual's right to privacy.

Elementary persuasive writing prompts

I should be allowed to eat ice cream every day. Does it bother you to be around someone who has bad manners? Recycling should be mandatory for everyone. School break times should be longer. Explain why or why not. Are zoos beneficial or harmful for animals? Smoking should be banned for everyone. Are you ready to improve your persuasive writing? Every immigrant should learn to speak English. Parents of bullies should have to pay a fine. Imagine a company is choosing one kids to visit the moon.

Finish your argument with a strong closing statement Summarise your ideas and reinforce your argument so that readers are reminded about why your argument is valid. Should gum be allowed in classrooms? Who would you give it to?

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All students should be given the opportunity to study abroad. Looking at pictures with writing prompts, rather than just seeing a sentence, can help you create your arguments and ideas if you are a visual learner. Would living forever be a good?

If you could give any gift in the world, what would you give and to whom?

Persuasive writing topics for grade 5

Students should be allowed to use their mobile phones at any time in school. Freedom of religion has limitations. Try and have a good answer back to these thoughts. I should decide what time my bedtime is. Should students have homework? Members of the PTA have decided that they don't like the idea, and they've complained to the school board. Should students get paid for attending school? Beauty contests are bad for body image. You can only play one sport for the next month. Nuclear power should be illegal. Bullies should be kicked out of school. It should be made mandatory to eat vegetables every day at school. Should people be allowed to go barefoot anywhere they want?

Yes or no? Should skateboards be allowed on sidewalks? Kids should get paid for extra activities like sports. Tests, Tests, Tests Standardized tests are used as a measuring stick for student performance.

Persuasive topics

You can find this information from personally talking to people about their experiences. Persuade your family to take you on holiday to a destination you want to go to. Public safety is more important than an individual's right to privacy. People should pay extra tax when they buy drinks in plastic bottles. What is the uniform? Should schools or classrooms be separated by gender? Students should have 3-day weekends. Robocalling should be outlawed. The Supreme Court ruled that random drug testing is constitutional for high school students involved in athletics and other extracurricular activities. We hope you have enjoyed these free writing prompts! There should be a computer game room at school. Tackling National Debt In last 40 years the United States federal government has accumulated unprecedented debt, meaning that it has spent more money than it has collected in revenue. Should girls and boys play competitive sports against each other? Should school buses be discontinued?

Explain why or why not.

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