Explain how freedoms for african americans were socially politically and economically limited from 1

black codes

The black codes main purose was to stop African Americans from doing many things. They were the core community group around which black Republicans organize their partisanship.

Fulton County went from African Americans could not testify against whites. They nominated all-black electoral slates.

explain some of the social and political issues that blacks faced from 1850 1935

The Jim Crow Laws stated that african americans were segregated from the white people when it came to certain things, they drunk from different water fountains, they could not eat in the same resturant and couldn't attend the same schools. Hahn explains the steps they took: Black assertiveness He not only created and fostered his network of AMEZ churches in North Carolina, but he also was the grand master for the entire South of the Prince Hall Masonic Lodgea secular organization that strengthen the political and economic forces inside the black community.

what limitations did african american politicians face
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Civil rights movement (