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That is why the development of your practical skills is an essential part of our staff development system.

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Thanks to our highly productive teams, we are among the leaders within professional services companies. This could be to do with a difficult client, or a conflict between colleagues or team members. Your first job is about the experience, not about the money.

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During the internship you will learn more about key industries, specific duties, and the services your department can offer. This interview will take approximately 45 minutes. How do you make an entrepreneur? Ensure that your microphone and webcam are both working and clear.

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This interview is typically competency-based and will ask many of the usual questions, covered below. Learning for a Changing World — The Aptitude Tests In stage two, you will tackle case studies, multiple-choice questions and an online test based on the theme of how technology is changing our world and the way people work. Essay Format Introduction In the introduction, you should offer a concise summary of the main points you will be addressing. EY also suggests that you dress as if it were an in-person interview. You may encounter questions that include incorrect answer choices that are deliberately designed to exploit likely misinterpretations of what is being asked, so make sure you carefully read and understand each question. Thanks to our highly productive teams, we are among the leaders within professional services companies. Be careful with your calculations, even if you are using a calculator. Will I be notified if I am not successful in my application? Develop each supporting point with facts, details, and examples. Your counselor will help you with feedback and performance analysis, and, of course, he or she will support you. Counseling An important aspect of your career development at EY is counseling, although you should not take this word too literally — it is not that formal. What should you ask? You will learn to understand clients' businesses more deeply, to find out more about the challenges facing different companies, and you will gain specialized skills to enable you to address them. Your future depends solely on you.

The majority of our employees are below 28 years old and our corporate culture is friendly enough to maintain an open and informal dialogue. Essential rules: Visit our website in advance to look at our values and services. The test consists of multiple choice questions.

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Here are a few topics you might like to consider: How your role will interact with others across the business — you should know the basic links between these roles anyway, but does EY have a particular way of communicating between staff?

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