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How to Download the Complete Catfish Business Plan in Nigeria The full material is N non-negotiable amount, and you can get it straight to your email for donwload in less than 5minutes.

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This is best done by putting fishes of the same size inside a pond together to reduce their cannibalistic instincts. Fellow farmers,let us take this business more serious and all of us together contributes to feeding the increasing population of Nigeria with fish and farm products, Finally all the above applies to other agric ventures and we must consult with experienced and honest people and we must follow good advice to make a profitable farming business,raining season is gradually coming farmers should start preparation for the planting season.. In times past, fish could only be obtained from ponds and rivers; and those who owned lands where ponds ran through usually made a fortune from extensive fish trade. The earthen pond are ponds dug close to the river or stream area, which u have to consider the topography of the land so that flood won't sweep away your fish, the concrete pond are the ones build with bricks, which u have to be caution when constructing it for it not to leak after construction, then d plastic tank, its a mobile tank, and its very durable but it need a slab for easy drainage of water, also the tarpaulin tank, some are constructed with wood, while some are constructed with metal, but there are some imported from china, they are very good and durable, but you have to be caution of small children not to take sharp object near it. Step 3: You need to purchase fingerlings and juveniles for your fish pond. From my analysis, the cost per kilogram of frozen fish, popularly called ice- fish is N, to achieve this, I weighed three units which gave me a kilogram of and a unit of that size of fish I bought for N That's how you do the calculation on a weekly basis, so as to meet up with their feeding terms, and you can plan to feed them 2 or 3 times in a day, but their must be a fix time for the feeding. Remember that your investment is at stake, trial and error is not good in business except you have unlimited funds to experiment with. Benefits of Fish Farming 1. They are then put inside oven and depending on the type of smoking kiln that you are using gas,chacoal or wooden type set the fire on and can close the kiln. Home delivery is available within or outside lagos.

Fifth you grade or sort your fish every 3 to 4weeks to avoid serious canibalism and also not to make the fish grow normally, because the big will oppress the small from feeding, also change their water every 3 days, but you can change your water everyday if you are using recirculatory system, or doing constant flow through.

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Use of only quality fish feed ensures that you get the best results within a calculable period and that disease outbreaks are curtailed. The condition of the environment may be connected to the normal climatic conditions like humidity, amount of sunshine and rainfall, and etcetera.

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Have you made an estimate of investment costs and annual cost and return? The demand for fish is increasing continuously. However, Fish farming is as much a hobby as a business and, either way, it is rewarding. Many Fish farmers losses results from bad management practices on the part of the owner of business and stealing,pilfering and other bad behaviours on the part of the farm manager and workers.

This type of fish can be successfully grown in fish farms. Much unlike poultry farming, fisheries can be established practically anywhere as they do not pose an environmental hazard. This high cost of catfish feed can greatly affect your profitability.

For you to properly learn this trade, you need at least two months training on this.

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