Ghost sonata as an expressionistics play

Finally, she droops, and dies at his feet. Secrets like these are to be found in every home. There are several supernatural characters in the play — the ghost of a Girl Scout, a mummy in a closet, and a vampire cook —whose allegorical functions are fairly obvious, but they remain interesting because of the emphasis on their most uncanny qualities.

The play is filled with symbolic imagery, like that often associated with dreams. August Strindberg spent much of his life on a quest for psychological and spiritual fulfillment.

atmosphere of death in ghost sonata

Sleep without dreaming, and when you wake again, may you be greeted by a sun that does not burn, in a home without dust, by friends without stain, by a love without flaw. And thus it appears that Strindberg has presented us with nothing less than a modern-dress, thoroughly up-dated parable of redemption—but a redemption stripped of its Christian idealism and optimism.

The two themes intermingle and bridge into the second section, known as the development portion of the sonata. Many films are made and released directly to the new tape or disc format, or aired on one of many cable television stations. The relentless Hummel pins the broken Colonel in a chair and warns him that if he removed his wig, his false teeth and his moustache, he find underneath all the lies a miserable lackey who once served in a kitchen.

In the year that they were married, they actually only spent a few months together—just long enough to have one daughter together. The result is a viewing experience that is more muddled than it needs to be.

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