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Two different grades for same marks!! Are you mad!!! But in new system of evaluation Year End Examsthe grading system is completely changed.

It is not just a solitary examination forced method.

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Disadvantages of Grading System in Education: Also, the following points can be considered as worthy of our importance while considering the disadvantages of grading system in education.

To get the tag, the students will only go for rote learning rather than be exploring and explaining the concepts on their own. CBSE has just re-implemented it this year.

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Hence student getting marks were A1 graders and were A2 graders and so on. In case of a tie, all the students getting the same score, will get the same grade. In early times, simple marking procedure was used by educators. Other letters such as X also exist in special circumstances.

In the various broadly defined professions as a whole, internships and work experience gained during one's time in college are easily the most important factors that employers consider.

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Comparative Performance based Grading system Comparative performance based grading system is already being used in CBSE class 12 for years.

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Even though there are several disadvantages of grading system it has removed several disadvantages of the marking system. Question: One student got 85 marks in Hindi and got A1 grade. Other Areas of Consideration: The fact that a student scores a centum without any mistakes and a student who scores 90 replete with several mistakes grouped together can make the centum holder get de-motivated. Are you mad!!! The new CCE system will stimulate learning in a friendly environment rather than in a fearful situation which directly or indirectly equip students with Life Skills especially Creative and Critical thinking skills, social skills and coping skills which in turn will help them in developing confidence when they enter into a highly competitive environment in future. But, the highest rank in class tag is going to do no good for the students. That one paper marking system is long gone and now students can perform a little in each task and score overall a good grade.

Not an accurate representation of the performance and the knowledge gained: As we have said already, passing in an examination cannot be considered as plausible enough to declare that the same student has gained an immense amount of knowledge by these exams.

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Grading in education