Handwriting analysis dot i with circle

Yes, sadly, those sloppy notes mean something.

i dont dot my is

In fact, even in my friendships with males, I am wary of this trait. Which makes sense, doesn't it? This trait and other levels of communication are shown in the lower case letter o.

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This is one of the most significant of the Hell Traits and it is worth reviewing. There is a longer article on this complex primary trait.

Handwriting analysis dot i with circle

It is a hook-like shape that forms the top circle of those letters. People with too many of these traits can make your life a living hell. In fact, we continued to be casual buddies over the next two years. Detailed person, enthusiast but prudent. The amount of sensitivity as it relates to ideas and philosophies is shown in the stem of the lower case t. No initial stroke and disconnected: Reserve, privation Initial stroke in angle: Fighting spirit, obstinacy, vanity. It is now a fundamental rule of mine not to date women with the trait of dual personality. Low dot: If precise: Speaks of an individual with a practical sense, concrete, realistic. If you talk about all his emotions, dealing with the strange variations in emotions can be much easier.

The writer with a heavy dot tends to be materialistic in nature. If behind the letter: nostalgia, longing, evokes childhood memories, weakness of will, laziness to fight for progress and improve the actual situation.

Act indifferent. Likewise, the best way to deal with Hell Traits is to avoid people with Hell Traits.

Handwriting and personality myth

If you are considering dating, marriage, or a business relationship… you must be investigate and be cautious if your future partner has any of these five Hell Traits. As with other traits, self-esteem can be dramatically enhanced using various neuro-conditioning techniques discussed in the appendix. This same attitude works with women who have stingers. As triple board certified physician Dr. Visit the link below. Pressure - How heavy is the pressure while writing the i dot A dot of any shape regardless of its placement, which is barely visible, due to the light pressure applied while writing simply reveals lack of energy and liveliness. This can point to a developing mental illness, Russin tells me, so be careful. Those of us who aren't great planners often start further down, and almost always run out of room.

Paranoia Blame and Sensitivity Okay… Extremely sensitive to criticism.

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Handwriting Analysis: What Do the I