How electricity has changed our lives

The computer revolution was really another electrical revolution. Over 9 percent of residential electricity goes toward lighting. The good thing is that there are now renewable sources of electricity that are being discovered and developed.

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Smartphones provide access to the internet for hours without needing to recharge, and they let you chat with anyone in the world at very little cost. But in other ways things immediately got better.

importance of electricity in industry

Just like in the residential sector, cooling and refrigeration are the main energy hogs for businesses public and private; together they account for almost 25 percent of commercial electricity, according to EIA.

There are fuses in a lot of appliances nowadays than there was before. Photo: Shutterstock Life changes with electricity Over the next fifteen years, 1. Entertainment Boredom used to be the rule rather than the exception.

Almost half of the electricity used in manufacturing goes into the machines themselves. We can stay up talking late into the night, and friends and neighbours can visit or we can visit them.

Think about how many medical machines depend on electricity: medical monitors, LASIK machines, ventilators, incubators, anesthetic machines, ultrasound machines, ECG machines, X-ray machines, defibrillators, heart-lung machines, CT scanners, MRI machines, machines for analyzing bodily fluids, and scores of others.

We can shave with electric razors, mow our lawns, make milkshakes in blenders, and charge our phones whenever we want. Some people spend nearly all their lives saving money and buying building materials for their houses.

History of electricity

Ovens relied on firewood instead of electricity, and the wood had to be chopped, hauled, and stacked on a regular basis. The amazing thing is—this list is wildly incomplete! Instead of depending on the natural cycles of sun and moon, daily activities can be performed also during evenings. The people are warned that electricity can be very dangerous if it is not well installed wherever it has to be connected, and they are also warned not to engage in power theft. Both Mary and I had grown up in homes without electricity and we knew what to expect, but not our children. Without electricity, you can't make or do much of anything. In the evenings the only thing to do was to sit under your house with your family.

For instance, it is most commonly made by burning crude oil or fossil fuels.

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