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My name had never been on the title. With a gallery walk, not only are students thinking about what they wrote, but they have the opportunity to think about what their classmates wrote as well. During the week, my hope was to get home in time to have a cup of hot cocoa with dad before he left for work. He was proud to have carried first cross and willingly complied with the rules: clean, short hair, starched white gloves. I might cry. I practice sermons in the morning. There was something calming about the dark, still interior of this place and confirmation was just one more step in my Christian journey. If Jesus could forgive those who taunted him, reviled him, and crucified him, who did I think I was to withhold my forgiveness?

Good tears, though. The woman became nearly mad with sorrow and anger and had no home, no family, and no life.

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The community had dealt with flooding before and had erected huge walls to protect us from the Red River of the North. One balloon would not fly. At the end of every meeting we all stood in a circle, held hands, and silently passed a squeeze around the circle.

Imperfect people get to learn important life lessons.

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I liked going to church. I asked them to focus on why they remember what they remember, and whether or not it impacts any of their beliefs. Think of your own experience, work, and family, and tell of the things you know that no one else does. Many of you are inspiring to me and have accepted me without question.

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