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This therefore makes it necessary for the company to ensure that employees and their managers are well trained on how to use the system. Often, the process of defining the system is every bit as valuable as the system produced. The plant had been using a model to calculate production mixes.

In order to provide a more rational basis for repetitive marketing decisions, a consumer products company uses a model that relates levels of advertising, promotions, and pricing to levels of sales for a particular brand.

Greater flexibility was also the reason that two consumer products companies and one manufacturing company I looked at developed sales information systems which are quite similar.

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Access to this information also helps ensure that problems are detected early and decisions are made quickly using the latest information. It is sometimes referred to as business intelligence which stores human knowledge and uses the logic to formulate quick solutions for future problems where patterns match. However, most small changes should be effected in-house. Some other information systems include the following: Decision-Support Systems: Decision-support systems DSS are used by management to make organizational decisions versus the management decisions for which MIS is used. Follow this interview with the developers of VisiCalc. But the foremen must decide what should be done once they have the information. When companies use these reports, they are able to improve their operations.

Customers will be happy with the service delivery because they will be getting the answers that they seek faster and employees will be motivated because most of the tasks will become easier with better access to data.

This report is then discussed at management and team meetings in order to address issues before they become crises. Increasing or decreasing job task understanding.

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The Role of Management Information Systems in Decision