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The presence of pneumonia with no available medication, a lack of nutrition, and a chronically compromised immune system is fatal and was very likely the cause of James Bowie's death. Jim was soon confined to a cot. Reason created a plantation there where he grew cotton and sugarcane. On February 23, Santa Anna arrived with an army of up to 6, soldiers. Travis arrived in February, accompanied by a group of army troops to bolster the numbers defending the Alamo. Stagnant water was on hand due to the well inside the fortress. Biography Died for Texas Col.

A water-well in the center of the Alamo courtyard did provide fresh water but was also a breeding ground for mosquitoes. There he hunted, fished, rode wild horses, and rode alligators. Untreated, pneumonia can be fatal and produce such symptoms as a bloody cough, debilitating weakness, fever, chills, and shortness of breath.

Battle of the Alamo and Death Bowie became very ill sometime in late February Africans living in the West Indies proved resistant to these types of illnesses, especially yellow fever, as in evident in statistics reported from St.

The Texan sharpshooters also picked off artillerymen who were shooting the Mexican cannons. Later, Bowie came up with a scheme for acquiring free land.

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Col William Travis to command the Texas Alamo military. This is a condition wherein an individual drinks to the point of unconsciousness and regurgitates the contents of the stomach into the lungs. Accounts of Death Andrea Castanon de Villanueva, more commonly known as Madam Candelaria, gave several different accounts as a witness to the siege at the Alamo. This account has been disputed by numerous other witnesses, and it is thought to have been invented by the reporter. James Bowie became proficient with pistol, rifle, and knife, [16] and had a reputation for fearlessness. Upon contracting yellow fever in , Bowie had access to medicinal plants and herbs which may have aided in his recuperation and provided a false sense of recovery. In a later fight, Bowie's hand was badly cut when it slipped down the handle onto the blade. On January 26, one of Bowie's men, James Bonham , organized a rally which passed a resolution in favor of holding the Alamo. Television Poster for the movie The Alamo Until October Bowie life continued unabated, but tragedy struck. A few of them are listed below: Bexar Don.

Travis ordered all the Texan forces into the Alamo. Adding to his situation, it was one of the coldest winters remembered for San Antonio.

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A skilled politician, Crockett was able to defuse the tension between Travis and Bowie. Without the capital required to buy large tracts, [25] they entered into a partnership with pirate Jean Lafitte in to raise money.

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