Macbeths reputation essay

The Globe Theatre burned to the ground. It is this contrast which plays a key role in exploring and revealing the traits of the protagonist. From the very beginning of the play, Shakespeare illustrates the contrast in the character and consciences of Macbeth and Banquo. Then as in A. Works Cited: Shakespeare, William. Related Papers. The prophecies and Lady Macbeth are using Macbeth's ambition achieving the goal of being the King of Scotland by considering to murder the current king, Duncan. He put his life in danger to fight in the battle against the enemy Macdonwald.

How easy is it then! Shakespeare performed this play and was paid by the monarch, King James I; this meant that the sovereign had a large effect on the outcome of the play. In the beginning of Act I, Macbeth was shown deference and is liked by many.

This is most evident in the aftermath of the murder, when Macbeth returns from killing Duncan in a state of horror at his own actions.

what encourages macbeth to think about becoming king?

It is evident that Scotland is in chaos, that his charges despise him greatly, and are planning to end his reign of tyranny. All this trust, dedication, and deference shown towards Macbeth indicate clearly that he is a valiant hero of Scotland, and has obviously no desire to throw all his fame away.

Macbeth loses his heroic identity and creates himself a new identity of murderer. It is a story of "good turned bad," and the steps that are taken to get there.

Macbeths reputation essay

Macbeth manages to come up with several excuses as to why not to go through with the plan, the first being the simple consequence of murdering the king, which is being put to death if caught.

He decided this when the witches predicted that he would be Thane of Cawdor.

Undoubtedly, when Macduff arrives in England to push Malcolm to create an army and stop Macbeth, the current level of respect and admiration is shown to Macbeth, a resounding low level to be precise.

The dagger disappears and Macbeth can now go it alone and fulfill the evil deed. However, this is indivertibly achieved by one action, one very evil and malicious action. Do we consider him a hero or a villain? Macbeth in the end, chose the wicked ways which sooner or later killed off his wife from her extreme guilt.

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