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That is a business model. A Mind Map helps an improvement team to think outside the box in a non-linear fashion and determine how things are connected to the issue at hand. Because of that, I include that part in my business planning process and business plan normally.

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To create a Mind Map Business Plan, you simply need to put the headings of your business plan as the main branches and fill in the details. Any idea probably has thousands of links in your mind and memory is naturally associative, not linear! What's so great about Mind Map?

Most big businesses do the same. Company Profile What exactly does your company offer? A Mind Map is creative tool that can help an improvement team to design solutions to existing problems, create a new process, create a new service, or explore and develop objectives for a strategic goal.

All diagram examples What is Mind Map? Because my business plan is a tool that I use every day to manage my business, I want desperately the support system for the online strategy. Ensure that your business concept and profitability is highlighted sufficiently in your Executive Summary.

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