Most encountered problems of barangay officals

Without Him, we know that we can never attain the greatest achievements of life. Barangay officials direct their efforts and energies to solve the major problems affecting the barangay. The main purpose of this is to reduce the number of court litigations and prevent the deterioration of the quality of justice.

list of barangay problems

And with the obtained T value of. Results of this study will remind them about the significance of their functions and their roles for a better and peaceful community.

Transformational Leadership Theory by Bernard M. The researchers would like to give their whole-hearted gratitude and appreciation to the following: To Dr. Instruments A questionnaire was constructed and developed by the members with the help of the subject instructor and it was used as tool for the gathering of data.

Under the leadership problems, with the same number of respondents, we obtained a mean of In the measures initiated in environmental problems with the same number of respondents we obtained a mean of And with the obtained T value of Originating from a nursery school into a Barangay Hall.

Unfortunately, most barangay officials have no such background. Yet, we observe that they have also been given a significant role in a process that keeps societies intact, making justice work.

Statement of the Problem The study aimed to determine the common problems most encountered by Barangays as perceived by Barangay Officials and their constituents.

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Problems & Solutions