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There were many departments like the dental department, pediatric department, x-ray department, orthopedic department, etc. Then we broke up into five groups of eight to ten.

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A Visit to a Hospital Points to be covered in the essay: Which hospital did you visit? Either their diseases were too well-trenched and they had reached the hospital too late or they were too old to stand even the best treatment. The plight of the patients and the curiousness of the atmosphere prevailing there touched me deep within. The patient's had occupied all the thirty cots there. All throughout the way I talked about the things I saw at the hospital. But without a hospital in town life could sometimes become a nightmare, especially in times of an emergency. The female outdoor ward was crowded with women and children. Someone was dead there and his relatives were crying. It was a Sunday evening when my family members were getting ready to visit my uncle who had been admitted to St. I wished him a fast recovery and left for my house for coming again next day. Why did you go to a hospital?

There was quite a lot of hustle and bustle at the reception area. It really scared me think that one day perhaps I would be here to be treated for some sort of ailment or the other. I came to know that the condition of some patients was critical.

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Whenever we went, the doctors and nurses were kind enough to explain the functioning of the unit. The nurses and the attendants in uniform were running to the section of their service.

In the Outdoor Patient Department, there was a long queue of people, mostly lower-middle class and poor. He had been suffering from some infection.

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Though the hospital was not much big, it was well equipped. Her heartbeats, pressure and many other things were continuously monitored on different machines. In-door patients are visited by their relatives during fixed periods. The relatives were squatting in lawns of the hospital. The scene at the surgical outdoor ward was no different. They could not spend enough time on each patient. He got wounded and within a short while fainted.

We were accompanied by some Lecturers and English Sir. My first visit to the hospital was an experience in itself. It is a well-managed institution.

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