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Since , Gandhi has started showcasing his Hindu Brahmin pedigree by posting photos in the social media of his visits to temples, invoking Hindu deities during campaign trails, and not mentioning Muslims in his speeches or fielding enough Muslim candidates in state elections in The relationship between legacy media and new media is symbiotic. I noticed as I approached the age of eighteen my political stance became really. By definition, a political party is "a group of office holders, candidates, activists, and voters who identify with a group label and seek to elect to public office individuals who run under that label" O'Connor and Sabato I suspect it may mean empowerment for all who engage with it. The people can then determine whom they may trust and even more so whom they may take out of office. In addition, the economic incentives underpinning new media companies, such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, are predicated on attracting large audiences that will draw advertising revenue. Mass media designed to deliver general interest news to broad audiences have been joined by niche sources that narrowcast to discrete users Stroud, By amending the Party-list system act of , the definition of party-list sort out. The number of such speeches by politicians majority from the BJP have risen by per cent compared to the tenure of the previous government. Citizen journalists were eyewitnesses to events that professional journalists did not cover.

Audience members have to work hard to distinguish fact from fiction, and to differentiate what matters from what is inconsequential. The first point will be the purpose, the second will be the role they play and finally three strategies parties and interest groups use to get people to participate.

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These three main groups are important and each of them plays a different role. Thomas Nast created this symbol to portray that the Republicans are strong and dignified. Many social media users got swept in the Modi wave, which supplanted the Saffron wave the colour symbolises the Hindutva forces.

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If these issues are addressed we are on track to have a very successful election. The rise of new media has complicated the political media system. Members of the public also were responsible for recording and posting videos that could go viral and influence the course of events Wallsten, They rely on new media sources to meet the ever-increasing demand for content.

The digital environment and the platforms it supports greatly transformed the political media system. Also they can give a positive or a negative impact on the American Political System and on the people in the United States.

The number of such speeches by politicians majority from the BJP have risen by per cent compared to the tenure of the previous government.

essay on party system in india
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How social media is transforming Indian politics