Persuasive essay on not lowering the drinking age

debate on lowering the drinking age to 18

Alcohol is a dangerous substance. Another reason to keep the drinking age at 21 is that drinking slows the reaction time and also makes it to where the drinker has less control of his or her body.

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This is ultimately why 21 was the suitable number. He also writes that the U. In the United States, the minimum legal drinking age is Alcohol is very harmful to many, if not all, of the organs.

Reasons why the drinking age should stay at 21

Young adults through to the age of twenty-five are still developing, and the consequences of alcohol consumption can be more severe among this group. Although that is a good point, take this into consideration. Almost immediately, states began raising the minimum drinking age again. These interventions include controlling the prices of alcohol and advertisement. AMA recommends the drinking age be raise to 25 - Parent Exchange. These anomalies are also among the heavy marijuana users. Then states realized that before the change, the roads were much safer. This desensitize a person to breaking the law, it makes it appear ok to pick and choice laws. Clinical EEG and neuroscience, 40 1 , Drinking among those under the age of 25 is a public health problem. One of the first associations that come to mind when talking about alcohol is driving. America has the highest drinking age in the world, which resulted in unsupervised underage drinking becoming an epidemic. I believe there would be a decrease in unsupervised drinking and less fatalities. It does not take very long for one to become an alcoholic either.

The results were catastrophic. Clinical EEG and neuroscience, 40 1 If a person can do all of that at the age of 18, they should be able to legally buy alcohol. Some argue that the United States has the most careless drinkers with little self-control when it comes to alcohol usage, and some may even say that this is because we were not exposed to alcohol as children like the Germans or French are.

Why is the drinking age 21 and not 18

Studies also reveal that early drinking results in poor performance on tests of memory, attention, and spatial skills. There is easy access to alcohol on campus since the population is of mixed ages and it is difficult sometimes to tell those who are underage. Studies show these developing minds are just not ready to take on such levels of responsibility. Alcohol is very harmful to our bodies if used in huge proportions. Conversely, rates for the individuals who began drinking at ages older age groups was 1. The issue with the drinking law is it forces citizens in the same social group to have different laws. Eighteen year-olds can legally purchase a gun, purchase tobacco products, serve jury duty, get married, serve prison time and even join the United States Military Especially for teenagers who are Similar Essays Why The Drinking Age Should Be Lowered words - 3 pages The legal drinking age should be lowered to about 18 or 19 and young adults allowed to drink in controlled environments such as restaurants, taverns, pubs and official school and university functions. One law, in particular, being the legal drinking age. If we allow these people to drink, we are not allowing them to mature at their rate.

The earlier people start drinking, the more likely that they will be addicted later in life. Should the legal drinking age be lowered to age 18?

Should the drinking age be lowered

It is dangerous to the health and overall being of anyone. The young people are vulnerable to the risk of addiction. Studies show these developing minds are just not ready to take on such levels of responsibility. The earlier people start drinking, the more likely that they will be addicted later in life. Most youth combine alcohol consumption with the use of other hard drugs especially in parties, and the ingestion of these drugs can influence how they behave around people or at worse, cause diseases such as cancer or kidney failure Kidspot, The legal drinking age in the USA has been a topic of contention and debate since the ratification of the Twenty-first Amendment, which repealed the Eighteenth Amendment and ushered in the end of prohibition in However, is this a good reason to lower the drinking age? Even if restrictions were implemented, they could find their way by using their aged compatriots to buy the booze for them Should the drinking age be raised, n. This paper will support my claim that the drinking age should be raised to twenty-five years because it is the age when the brain and the nervous systems have developed to physical maturity. These were the years when states were setting up, or restoring, a minimum legal drinking age at twenty-one MLDA- Why not? Since then, the rate of teenage accidents related to drinking has lowered dramatically. Should the legal drinking age be lowered? Alcohol Consumption Imperatives among the young Adults The consumption of alcohol and drug has a more severe effect on the young people than it does in older adults. In movies and TV Shows College is portrayed as one giant frat party where everyone, regardless of age is drinking.
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Persuasive Essay: Why The Drinking Age Should Be Lowered.