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Sale of pork lard, bacon, gelatine, and other pig products. Ask the producer if the pig has been vaccinated and dewormed or not.

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Marketing There is a good market of pigs meat. Note that achieving this would entail injecting additional N In fact it can be said to be one of most lucrative animal breeding businesses in the world and in Nigeria.

Look for land in a rural area where you can get it cheaper. You see, human nature loves complexity while simplicity is the only valuable thing.

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You can do the outdoor pig farming where you allow your pigs to roam free or have them enclosed in pens. House 1 will hold Sows, 60 in-sow and 60 dry sows , these shall occupy the 30 standard pens leaving the 4 big pens empty. Pig farming in Nigeria has a great business opportunities for unemployed educated people, women and for the people who want to raise pigs commercially. You have to understand in and out, front and back, up and down of your intending enterprise. Could be used to supplement energy. After completing the grower stage of piglets, the sow become suitable for mating again. Far from the residential area. Send email: agroroyal18 gmail.

Feed will take the major chunk of your spending in the farm. Could be used to supplement energy.

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Why is it that most people have fear so to say about writing a business plan or doing any feasibility study? You want to convince the investor that you have done the feasibility study of your intending business and understand the cost implications and profitability of your intending business, hence, the reason for a business plan. That is what you will want to write here. Housing Housing is very important for commercial pig farming in Nigeria. For commercial production you have to feed your pigs at least twice a day. You can do the outdoor pig farming where you allow your pigs to roam free or have them enclosed in pens. Pig farming in Nigeria is becoming very popular day by day. So what and what should your business plan contain? Within two months, the sows begin to farrow. How long should it be? Thank you. It is also important that you account for everything you use and buy in your farm so that you can evaluate your profit after sales. You can buy ready-made pig food from the market or make your own mixture prepared at home. Good transportation systems. You can choose both local and hybrid piglets.
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