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I never talk to myself anymore. There is an old Buddhist saying that I live by. Not everyone likes me but not everyone matters. I have born to be true, not to be perfect. Don't judge me until you know the whole story. Die with memories, not with your dreams. Read on! Right yet, but I have met Mr. Being a man is a matter of age. That way more people tell me I look amazing when they see me in real life. The aim of this introduction is to tell the timeline visitors about the person in a nutshell. I am not what has happened to me. I'm just different. Let me know if you need some tips.

I'm not a cougar; I'm a jaguar! These are the right type of people to be around. I'm naturally funny because my life is like a joke.

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We will add selected one-liners to the above list along with your name! It's my timeline, so I'll update my status as often as I like. I am not what happened to me.

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You have two hands. In the past we have also published some clever one liners for WhatsApp and Twitter.

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I am who I am: Your approval isn't needed! My choices, my mistakes.

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If you also have something clever to add to this list, please feel free to comment. Life would be so boring without me! It define who you are. Always work to see the good in everyone and everything—even within yourself. I have no special talent. Dear YouTube, I will always skip ads. Love me or hate me, I promise it won't break me! I am not saying that I am the best that there is. So far, so good. It's my life: Remember that when you're talking about it!
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Good Quotes to Describe Yourself in Facebook Profile