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I am not a believer in throwing the baby out with the bath water that I will dismiss an entire body of work because it contains a few ideas that I personally disagree with.

Emerson also encountered many influences on his journeys through Europe. Top Podcasts In Arts. America and the New World can make things new rather than imitate the old Europe ways.

Thank you! Such visionaries like Emerson saw the world in all of it complexities but seemed never to falter in the hope of a better life here on earth. If Emerson lived today we would probably classify him as self-help and he would be invited to TED talks.

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Selected Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Volume 1 , available for audio download, is a collection of five hand-picked essays from Emerson's early years. I feel as if I am listening to Emerson and Thoreau actually speak! Emerson went on to write many more speeches and lectured throughout the country. Added perspectives unique to the reader and quite distinct from the original author. Thank you! Totali 3 out of 5 stars Interpretazione 3 out of 5 stars Storia 4 out of 5 stars Nicole Tough listen Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? I was told recently that Emerson's language, often quite hard to grasp on the page, is more accessible when heard.

If you want someone to censor great literature for you according to their own revisionist agenda, and don't care to puzzle through a work yourself, then you have found your audiobook!

His first essay, Naturewas published in Though I highly appreciate Emerson's work, listening to such heady material is extremely difficult. And many other essays from Emerson are available on audio right here on LearnOutLoud.

In his later years, Emerson suffered from mental ailments which made it increasingly difficult to write. At 14, Emerson went to Harvard College, where he started a journal that would come to be known as "Wide World.

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His American Scholar address is probably among the most beautiful and uplifting things I have ever read or heard. We in dire need hope in this world but we are lead by men who are hopelessly tied to their times and who see neither the past nor the future and merely concerned with the present.

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