Republic act

Reporting Requirements. The State shall likewise protect and advance the right of families in particular and the people in general to a balanced and healthful environment in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature.

new republic act of the philippines 2019

If there be none, the amount thereof shall be paid his heirs or to the payee himself, as the case may be.

The COC shall perform such other duties and functions as may be necessary to attain the objectives of tins Act. In the case of minors, the written consent of parents or legal guardian or, in their absence, persons exercising parental authority or next-of-kin shall be required only in elective surgical procedures and in no case shall consent be required in emergency or serious cases as defined in Republic Act No.

It is likewise a shared responsibility between parents to determine and achieve the desired number of children, spacing and timing of their children according to their own family life aspirations, taking into account psychological preparedness, health status, sociocultural and economic concerns consistent with their religious convictions.

If the offender is a juridical person, the penalty shall be imposed upon the president or any responsible officer. Health Care Facilities.

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