Respiratory problems caused by vehicals

effects of vehicular pollution on human health

Exposure to biomass smoke as a cause for airway disease in women and children. One example of this is the large increase in the incidence of asthma in China after the recent industrial development and, consequently, the large increase in the concentration of pollutants. References 1.

role of vehicles in causing respiratory health problems

The lag structure between particulate air pollution and respiratory and cardiovascular deaths in 10 US cities.

Doctors blame air pollution for China's asthma increases. Video: How air pollution impacts your body How dirty is the air where you live? Relationship between low birthweight and air pollution in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil [Article in Portuguese].

Exhaust emissions from light- and heavy-duty vehicles: chemical composition, impact of exhaust after treatment, and fuel parameters. Motor vehicle exhaust and chronic respiratory symptoms in children living near freeways.

vehicle pollution essay
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Diseases Caused by Air Pollution