Sculpey projects

Remember also that to add more layers with more detail, its better to use thinner layers than one thick one. Here are some answers to a lot of questions I had before I started working with polymer clay: What kind of clay should I use?

polymer clay

If you want to, you can paint it with simple acrylic paint after it cools and then coat it with a sealant. While there are a lot of great tools and special methods that you can use and learn, there are so many gorgeous, fun, and quick projects you can make with polymer clay using just your hands.

Does the color or size change when you bake it? Each brand has different times and temperatures so read the package carefully. Is your Sculpey III behaving badly? Move back and forth until you get the thickness you want. Do I need to buy any special tools? If you have two smaller pieces and want to form one big piece, slightly overlap the two parts and press them together.

Finished pieces often break when dropped. Eventually, it'll warm up and become malleable.

sculpey clay instructions
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Sculpey Soufflé