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In January ofhe assembled a large fleet of ten ships and men.

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Another portrait of Sir Henry Morgan. They disguised vertical logs of wood with headwear, to make the Spaniards believe that the vessel was fully crewed. But the essence is that privateers are working outside the official navy of a given country for profit. Related articles. The official diagnosis was dropsy, but it was believed that he might have contracted tuberculosis while in England or had liver failure due to heavy drinking. Removed from the Jamaican Council by Lynch in , Morgan was reinstated five years later after his friend Christopher Monck became governor. Still, Morgan made a pretty penny and invested in plantations on Jamaica, displaying more of his business acumen. The third Spanish vessel was also sunk by the privateers. Having established himself as the preeminent buccaneer leader in the Caribbean , Morgan was named commander-in-chief of all warships in Jamaica and given a blanket commission by Modyford to make war against the Spanish.

He had two uncles who had distinguished themselves in the English military, and Henry decided as a young man to follow in their footsteps. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. After several weeks ashore, Morgan sailed north, capturing three Spanish ships before re-entering the Caribbean.

Modyford authorised privateers to take action against the Spanish, and issued a letter of marque to Morgan "to draw together the English privateers and take prisoners of the Spanish nation, whereby he might inform of the intention of that enemy to attack Jamaica, of which I have frequent and strong advice".

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In exchange, they kept most of the loot, although they did share some with the crown. He may have participated in an expedition against Cuba in ; and, during the second Anglo-Dutch War —67 , he was second in command of the buccaneers operating against Dutch colonies in the Caribbean. The historian Violet Barbour considers it probable that one of the Spanish conditions was the removal of Modyford from the Governorship. In , relations between Spain and Britain grew hot again with the Spanish sending privateers to harass British ships. The Spanish forces were in terror of Morgan and abandoned their defenses at the last moment. He cites the examples of the historians whose biographies were so flawed they wrote that Morgan either died in London, prison or the Tower of London. He was a planner, a brilliant military strategist and intensely loyal to the king, to England and to Jamaica. He helped organize and improve the defenses of Jamaica and administered the colony while the governor was absent, but he never again went to sea. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. He's the one that gave the Code its character. He captured some prisoners in Cuba, and then he and his captains decided to attack the rich town of Portobello.

Inrelations between Spain and Britain grew hot again with the Spanish sending privateers to harass British ships. But he had a flair for words. His experience explains "why he painted such a black picture of Morgan and portrayed him as a cruel and unscrupulous villain", [] which subsequently affected historians' view of Morgan.

There are accusations that Morgan cheated his men of some of the plunder, which may be why the primary biographer of Morgan who was on the Panama expedition, chose to paint such a black picture of him -- accusing him of torturing Spaniards.

The monastery was located somewhere on the coast of Panama. Some sources state his father was a farmer, but the full truth of the matter is unknown.

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Sir Henry Morgan