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Solving Problems What type of problem are you most interested in solving?

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How should testing in schools be handled? Here are five environmental problem-solution essay topics to start help you choose the focus for your own paper. How should it be involved in long-term protections? Should all students be required to learn a foreign language? What is the best way for college students to deal with a problem roommate? What should you do if you don't get something you expected and hoped for like a scholarship, college admission, or acceptance into a special program? How can we make education better for kids who have trouble in school? Can stand up to possible objections. What is the best way for college students to decide on a major? How do we address the growing doctor shortage? How should college instructors handle attendance in class? How do we stop animal cruelty? Solution 2: Make recycling within local communities mandatory.

Source Family Life How can parents handle their child's cell phone and social media use appropriately? Then, in the essay itself, you may use your own experience to illustrate the problem. What can schools do to improve reading comprehension on standardized test scores?

What can be done to stop bullying, teasing, and violence in schools? How can we encourage better candidates to run for office?

problem solution report

Problem Cause-Effect Method Use this method to outline the effects of the quandary and what causes it all. Solution 1: Use renewable energy to fuel your home and vehicles.

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What can be done to drive interest in local sports? What is the best way for a young athlete to learn a sport? These are the most used methods of developing and arranging: Problem Solution Method Recommended if you have to argue that there is a social and current issue at stake and you have convince the listeners that you have the best solution. Education How do we prevent kids from cheating on exams? List the best and ideal conditions and situations. How are your warrants values or strong beliefs different or the same as those of your audience? What types of interviews and special features make the sport more interesting to watch? What should we do about the increase in gun violence? How can students be made to feel more safe at school? What could be done to improve that venue?

Should school uniforms or strict dress codes be used in schools? How do we give everyone access to a quality education?

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What is the best way for college students to convince their parents to let them be independent? How do we eliminate stereotypical thinking in relationships? How do we put an end to the problem of bullying in schools? What is the best way to help families who have a child with a mental illness? Richard Nordquist is a freelance writer and former professor of English and Rhetoric who wrote college-level Grammar and Composition textbooks. Example problem-solution essays on the environment. What can be done to prevent divorce? What is the best way to teach sex education in public schools?

How do we teach math students to use sign charts? How Do We Solve Poverty?

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What is the best way for college students to convince their parents to let them be independent? How can players prepare themselves for the inevitable loss? How do we teach math students to use sign charts? What can the public do to push the media to cover these stories? How do we stop businesses from exploiting consumers? Environment How do we stop pollution in major population centers? How can we encourage people to live healthier lifestyles? Should there be controls in the way the media portrays celebrities?
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