Succession planning and employee retention

To identify different retention strategies used by Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. An individual consultant, however, should not be excluded simply because they may not have exhaustive experience in every aspect of talent management. It is critical for employers to understand that the talent they have hired and developed cannot save the company without giving them some latitude.

If your company is in dire financial straits and thus cannot afford pay increases or may even need to decrease salariescommunicate that openly with your staff, especially those in talent and leadership positions. This would typically involve having an ongoing or at least a once-a-year talk with employees about their career aspirations.

Limitation of the study 1. You end up with a shortage of workers and the potential for problems explodes. It is imperative when choosing a consultant that the person you contract has the ability to recognize that X-factor, whether they refer to it as competencies, personality, or anything else.

Although virtually every business in existence has felt the effect of a weaker economy, many of the companies that have remained ambitious and have taken risks are the ones that have been most successful.

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Some of them may not have the choice to stay with your company but they deserve the respect you give by being honest with them and many of them may be willing to wait much longer for a pay raise when they understand the situation.

It is also the practice of building a series of feeder groups up and down the entire leadership pipeline or progression Charan, Therefore, it is critical that research explores succession systems from an employee perspective with a view to ensuring critical talents stay longer in an organization in support of Byham et al, who argue that organizational succession management systems is one of the approaches used to effectively deal with the future shortfalls of managerial talent.

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When considering a consultant or team of consultants to perform some function of talent management, it is imperative that you remember that choosing the right consultant is similar to choosing the right talent.

What are the reasons that employees remain in organizations after having been on a succession planning program?

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How Succession Planning Can Improve Employee Retention