Teaching students to read and write a memoir

Students read and listed the most important events on the left side of a t-chart.

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Have students create a quick outline of events they want to include in the memoir. Enjoy this wonderful genre with your students! Having students summarize their memoir in just six words will help them focus on the heart of the event. What is the most important thing that has ever happened to you?

Students were hesitant to start sharing. Next would come narrowing the idea. The genre study would last over several lessons. Lesson Four: How do Memoirs Work?

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I asked them to be sure they included all of the senses and that it was clear to the reader how what they could see, smell, touch, taste, and hear mattered to the writer. How can they check? What is she trying to show by including this event? I wanted them to add sensory details. The pump was primed. Provide students with a recipe for their haiku three lines, 5 syllables in line one, 7 syllables in line two, 5 syllables in line three. Memoir is a particularly appropriate genre to tackle with secondary students because they are often so inwardly focused. To capture it as quickly as possible, I asked students to draw a comic or storyboard illustrating what happened. What would it say? I wanted students to create pieces in which the reader could smell what was in the pot on the stove or feel the spray of snow when they sled slipped down the hill. Provide examples to your students. The lessons continued, which is the charm of genre study; like a fish, they can grow to fill the amount of time you have to devote to them. As students work on peer reviews, they can look at description, dialogue, or the epiphany the writer has had through the event. But those ideas were only the beginning. What must a memoir have?

Memoirs become a doorway for students to not only begin to learn the basics of narrative writing, but also invite students to think deeply about their world and to share their lives through language. A good way to start class is to simply read a few pages from a memoir.

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What about it makes it a worthy memory? Can they write a hashtag for their memoir?

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Provide examples to your students. Lesson One: Easing into Memoirs All year long, my students keep a journal in which they have daily writing assignments. Share often along the way Build in time for students to share their ideas. I asked them to draw symbols for each of the five senses an eye for sight, an ear for hearing, a hand for touch, etc. This was the day to define memoir. Can they write a hashtag for their memoir? Similar to the Six Word Memoir , which you still may want to do, and there are fabulous examples on the website! I pointed out how many memories we had to explore. Looking at specific words, we identified which ones were specific and evocative. Enjoy this wonderful genre with your students! We need to see what happened before and then after each event in order to understand the impact of the event upon the person writing the memoir.

Looking at specific words, we identified which ones were specific and evocative.

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