Texting and driving vs drinking and

Startled, the young woman looked up from her smartphone.

texting and driving statistics 2018

Distracted driving is also harder to prove and report on than drunk driving. The disagreements over whether texting while driving is worse than drunk driving is ultimately irrelevant. According to court recordsa New Jersey man was texting while driving when his vehicle strayed out of his lane, hit a motorcycle and severely injured both motorcycle riders.

Eleven states prohibit all drivers from using hand held cell phones and 41 states prohibit all drivers from text messaging. Even though research is just now being done to measure the effects of texting while driving, some in the automotive industry and others in research circles say that texting is definitely more dangerous than drunk driving.

Stricter laws have been passed across the nation leading to a decrease in drunk driving accidents.

Distracted driving vs drunk driving statistics 2018

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides us with some interesting information, which I have converted into a line graph. The approaching car was on my right, slowing for the stop sign ahead. Distracted driving resulted in approximately 2, deaths in Did you know that 27 people in America die each day due to drunk driving fatalities and another 15 due to fatalities linked to distracted driving? All it takes is 1 second of your eyes to be off the road, and there will be an accident Kolman, Multiple tests have found that drivers in the act of texting had significantly slower reaction times than those who were intoxicated. How were we able to decrease drunk driving fatalities by a third over the past years, but currently we are not making much headway in curbing distracted driving? Tools like breathalyzers and simple walking tests allow law enforcement to determine if a driver is under the influence of alcohol. He was in uniform, at the wheel of his patrol car, using a moment stopped in traffic to get his cellphone fix. Distracted driving is becoming a growing hazard for the public, especially teenagers. While anyone who causes an accident while texting and driving can be held liable for the injuries or deaths that result, a New Jersey court decision recently questioned whether a text sender might also be responsible if they sent a message knowing that the receiver was driving. Reference List Corte, C.

This includes activities like eating, watching a movie, or even using an in-vehicle navigation system. Signing something like this can signal to your teen how serious you are about limiting distractions behind the wheel. That said, distracted driving and drunk driving are not entirely unrelated.

Texting and driving vs drinking and driving statistics

Every state has intoxicated driving laws in place, accompanied by severe punishments, including hefty fines and jail time. Texting — the most common cause of distracted driving accidents — is fast becoming the new drunk driving. Tips to Prevent Teens from Driving While Distracted As you can see, one of the most significant contributors to the prevalence of texting while driving is a lack of awareness. So in some situations, device-distracted driving is more dangerous than DUI. Making emergency calls is one of the few exceptions. Distracted Driving Distracted driving has three components : visual taking your eyes off the road , manual taking your hands off the wheel , and cognitive taking your mind off of driving. Various studies have shown how dangerous texting while driving is for all motorists. We understand that after a car crash or other serious accident, your injuries may make seeking legal assistance difficult or even impossible, so our attorneys can travel to the hospital or your home anytime to provide you with a free consultation about your legal options. Talk to our lawyers anytime by calling our office or filling out the contact form on our site for free attorney advice about car accidents. Many drivers mistakenly think they are fully capable of safely texting while driving—until something terrible happens in a split second. He was in uniform, at the wheel of his patrol car, using a moment stopped in traffic to get his cellphone fix. Alcohol and risky behaviors. Texting can always wait until you arrive at your destination, or simply pull over to the side of the road.

What people seem to be less aware of is the danger of distracted driving, particularly texting while driving. Both cause distraction and impaired driving that can result in following too closely, not being able to brake on time or weaving into oncoming traffic.

When compared to the number of people killed in drunk driving-related crashes in 10, that number is smaller, driving while distracted is actually more dangerous.

Had I been older and less mobile, pushing a baby stroller, or preoccupied with a cellphone myself another growing problemher negligence might have been fatal. By CMT February 15, No Comments Distracted driving has become an epidemic, but do people believe that it is even more dangerous than drunk driving?

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Is Texting and Driving As Dangerous As Drunk Driving?