The influence mega events have on tourism tourism essay

The influence mega events have on tourism tourism essay

It is also worth noting that the Barcelona Games were the most expensive of the recent Olympiads, as a consequence of the large-scale regeneration program. In terms of London, it struggles with constraints on the Tube, which handles 12 million trips a day during normal times and the Olympics is estimated to add three million trips on the busiest days Kirka, This improvement will shorten the time that tourist move in and out the Olympic Park and reduce the crowd risk.

O Indicative positive legacy developments from Olympic village development — Barcelona Table below Atlanta Essex and Chalkey provide a useful summary of the Atlanta infrastructure. In the public eyes, hosting an event is a stimulator of tourism industry to the host city. Recently emerging channel is mobile. The knowledge-base derived from the preparation and staging of the event is not dispersed when the Games end but is utilized to promote further innovation with the city and region. Therefore each state that is chosen to host a mega-event will hold different impacts. The Atlanta legacy is largely understood to have been committed to business and commercial aims — building the reputation of the city. After the Games, it was converted to a 48, seat baseball park for use by the Atlanta Braves baseball team.

Performance mega-events are typified in the 20th century by the Olympics and represent a populist cultural expression of the achievements of the host city or nation Roche, Newman makes a useful point about tendencies relevant in particular to mega event driven regeneration.

A perfect illustration that shows the complexness about funding a mega-event are the approaching Olympic Games in London Expo will have a deep influence on Shanghai and will impact several generations.

The key findings of the Greater London Authority on previous editions of the Olympic Games of Barcelona , Atlanta , Sydney and Athens for assessing the Legacy of the London Olympics of , are as follows: Economic Legacy Momentum In the economic sphere Legacy Momentum refers to the capacity of the city and regional economy to continue an upward growth path following the immediate post-Games downturn in economic activity. Canada has hosted the Olympics three times in the past: summer in in Montreal, the Winter Olympics of in Calgary, and most recently, the Winter Olympics in Vancouver Junyk, As stated by Toohey and Veal the possible positive economic consequence is the ground for metropoliss and states to offer to host a mega-event. As seen hosting a mega-event does non gain the host metropolis or state short-run but all the statements like enlarging touristry long-run, constructing enduring conveyance substructure and edifice up the image of a state are more of import than the loss of money that likely will be coming in the old ages after the event took topographic point. Getz and Cheyne found that focus group participants identified important quality factors that can influence a decision to travel to an event, including reputation of the event, caliber of participants the best in their field , international scope, and the presence of celebrities, rarity is also a factor. What the Cities Built: Outlining New and Existing Facilities Clearly hard legacy, as well as costs, are linked to the proportion of new construction undertaken for the Games. So the figure of visitants attracted is non merely dependant on the subject of the event itself but besides on the state where it takes topographic point. The Games provides a significant catalyst for renewal; accelerating the completion of infrastructure projects Barcelona , Atlanta , Athens and more modestly Sydney but the host city population emerges with a balance sheet of positives and negatives from a process of regeneration that happens to it rather than is shaped by it.

A well-managed service system should be marketed to the audience as favourable factor. As noted above in term of infrastructure, the Games certainly offer some improvements.

Athens The main features of the Athens projects included an attempt at revitalising major tracts of the city precinct. As there is a immense scope of different events along with many issues, the writer of this essay is concentrating on athleticss mega-events merely ; on their diverse stakeholders every bit good as on the undertaking of hosting them.

This makes obvious that mega-events ever have an influence on the whole universe. Product Funk summarized unique aspects of the mega-sport event product: it is an intangible product; social facilitation via sport and reliance on product extensions.

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Research for this essay shows that it is non easy to specify mega-events in one term due to the immense scope of bing events.

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