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In fact, if you look closely, he's not even convinced that the one path is really less traveled than the other. Oh, where's my hat?

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Poets, we assume, are not popular—at least after or so. As for color, Frost describes the forest as a "yellow wood. What is fallacious in an argument can be mesmerizing in a poem. Some have said that it is one of his most misunderstood poems, claiming that it is not simply a poem that champions the idea of "following your own path", but that the poem, they suggest, expresses some irony regarding that idea. One of the attractions of the poem is its archetypal dilemma, one that we instantly recognize because each of us encounters it innumerable times, both literally and figuratively. It would have been easy for Frost to write this poem. This is true even of its first line. The metaphor is activated. I doubt if I was tempted for a moment To sell them off their feet to go in cars And leave the slope behind the house all bare, Where the sun shines now no warmer than the moon. As this person stands looking at the two options, he is weighing the pros and cons in a quiet, studied manner. Perhaps not, life has a way of letting one thing leading to another until going backwards is just no longer an option. So, the tone is meditative. You'd think his memory might be satisfied--' 'There you go sneering now! But two that do can't live together with them. Several generations of careless readers have turned it into a piece of Hallmark happy-graduation-son, seize-the-future puffery.

Ever since infancy I have had the habit of leaving my blocks carts chairs and such like ordinaries where people would be pretty sure to fall forward over them in the dark. I can't help wishing I could send you one, In wishing you herewith a Merry Christmas.

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There is a decision to be made and a life will be changed. If he were, it would make more sense to use the modified version above.

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What had how long it takes a birch to rot To do with what was in the darkened parlor. There's something to be said for examining a piece you think you know through a whole new lens.

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The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost