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This is a brief note regarding what we discussed on Tuesday. On-line service providers are shifting from a product centric approach to a more personal and customized approach to marketing their products and services However, the above mentioned steps can be implemented by following four steps mentioned below: i In the first phase, the customer be familiarized to new environment by demo version of software on banks, website.

Online banking can also be a great friend for lazy investors.

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The internet serves as a big influence on our everyday lives and it has changed our lives tremendously. The Fifth Amendment gives us the right to interpret the first eight amendments in ways that can protect the people MIS is an integrated computer-based application used to access useful, timely and accurate information to allow the user to make appropriate decisions, and to manage information effectively and efficiently.

Since it first appeared in the United States, online banking has been federally governed by the Electronic Funds Transfer Act of Essay 6.

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In the past, databases for banks were only accessible to employees and threats detrimental the databases were r are. This has never been more evident than with the recent Target breach.

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New techniques to detect and prevent cyber fraud have been developed to discover and prevent criminals before the fact, rather than after the damage have been done. This involves collecting electronic information from an appropriate sample of clients to find out what their views are about the organization and the customer service that it offers The banking industry has evolved tremendously in that it now offers any type of financial product a customer may need. Well, the brick-and-mortar model still exists but there is a new trend that all banks are moving towards, the click-and-brick e-business model Primary functions include accepting deposits, granting loans and granting advances. Early sites featured pictures of the bank's officers or buildings, and provided customers with maps of branches and ATM locations, phone numbers to call for further information and simple listings of products. The transfer will take place in a day or so, whereas in a traditional method it takes about three to four working days. Banking activity is now no longer confined to the branches where a customer has to approach the branch in person, for withdrawing cash or deposit a cheque or request for a statement of Accounts. Online banking is beneficial for consumers to monitor their account information Hettiarachchi, , and saves time to transferring funds Lichtenstein and Williamson, As the hospitality is very necessary, the Bank should always try to give its clients the best service.

Certain banks also have mobile applications for online banking which allows the user to log onto their account through their phone then they have the ability to use all the banking feature like paying out, viewing the balance, looking at statement and mo

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Topic: Web Security (Internet Banking) Essay