What makes me a filipino

This brings to the idiot smiles instead of tears, compassion instead of apathetic indifference, intelligence instead of being a nincompoop.

are you a true filipino

Celebrity Marc Nelson was not born in the Philippines. The gentle winds at the foot of Mt.

What makes me a filipino

Still, the Filipino people is very rich to have these qualities that spell happiness. Time and again, we are put to a test through crisis and calamity, we pick up the pieces together and stand up as one. We care about our colleagues, we care about our crushes, we care about our friends.

what makes someone a filipino

Arnold Vegafria, talent manager I am proud to be a Filipino because of our inherent trait of wanting to reach out and help our fellowmen whose lives were devastated by the supertyphoon.

Are they and their children Filipino? Nescel Panes, Iloilo City: I am proud to be a Filipino for the following reasons: First, Filipinos have an optimistic view in dealing with problems.

My feelings as a filipino

The Filipino spirit is typhoon-proof, and we will rise from the rubble of destruction. We have faith, through both highs and lows, that we shall prevail and there are many things to be thankful for. Mon Dy, Metro Manila :We have so much talent and kindness. Tell us on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag PinoyAko or upload a maximum 1-minute video to YouTube, or email us at desk rappler. Where in the world can we find the likes of Manny Pacquiao or Charisse Pempengco? Still, the Filipino people is very rich to have these qualities that spell happiness. Those who elect Philippine citizenship pursuant to the provision s of the Constitution of nineteen hundred and thirty five.

We throw parties not to celebrate ourselves but to gather everyone we hold dear in one room.

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What makes you Filipino?