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In response, the National Immigrant Youth Alliance NIYA was founded as a leaderless, autonomous movement that would allow young activists to speak for themselves.

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The Pro-Immigration Case Defenders of immigration remind us that the United States is a nation made up of immigrants and their offspring. Liberals also remained ambivalent about immigration from the Third World, as demonstrated by the McCarran Walter Act. Board of Education ruling. Available at www. Under a series of Bracero programs, the U. Due to the Hart-Cellar Act of , which had arbitrarily imposed quotas on immigration from countries in the Western Hemisphere without consideration of the historical migration between Mexico and the United States itself largely the result of geographic proximity and US imperialism , the vast majority of these migrants arrived without proper documentation. But, in fact, the world is getting richer, not poorer. Without immigrant labor, Americans could not so readily afford the grapes, oranges, lettuce they buy in the supermarkets, although the savings here to farm wages held down by immigrants are minuscule. The renunciation by Japanese of their American citizenship is a real crisis of citizenship and probably one of the darkest episodes in the history of civil rights in the United States since the Jim Crow laws. One of the fundamental challenges of comprehensive immigration reform, as the presidential election quickly approaches, is that leading candidates from both parties have been reluctant to embrace reform during the campaign.

There were equally severe restrictions on countries such as Italy, Poland, Lith-uania, and Russia, from which most Jewish immigrants came. Nor are American workers simply helpless victims of circumstances.

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Also, even though immigrants had to pass an English test to naturalize, the Voting Rights Act, as amended in and thereafter, required multilingual ballots in jurisdictions with linguistic minorities. Wayne Collins, civil rights attorney, took their case and managed in a thirteen-year-old battle to restore the citizenship of Japanese Americans after the War, on the grounds that the Japanese reacted under condition of coercion — perhaps thereby renewing the stereotype of the Japanese weakness and pragmatism, even if this is not the subject of debate for Ngai.

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Comprehensive immigration reform refers to omnibus legislation that attempts to address the following issues: demand for high- and low-skilled labor, the legal status of the millions of undocumented immigrants living in the country, border security, and interior enforcement.

For assistance, immigrants, as well as native-born Americans, called on kinfolk, friends, neighbors, their respective churches, or welfare societies commonly made up from persons born in the same region of the old country, or Landsmannschaften in German and Yiddish.

Barry Chiswick, another economist, has ascertained that, despite language and cultural barriers, Euro-pean immigrants on the average earn more than white native-born Americans within fifteen years after arriving in the United States.

Many critics worry that the failure to deal with immigration in the s will change the United States ethnically, culturally, and politically.

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As the Senate debated S. These actions, particularly the ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries, drew widespread protests and legal challenges from individuals, cities, and states.

Immigration levels rose to one million per year, and immigrant origins shifted from Europe to Latin America and Asia.

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Most Mexican migrants follow networks to particular places and jobs in the United States. We want to export goods, not people. Available at: http In , non-Hispanic whites were 80 percent of residents; by , they were less than 50 percent. Indeed, these years paved the way for an increased immigration from the Third World and continued American commitment to numerical restrictions by the imposition of quotas on Western hemisphere countries. Another Pew study found that without immigrants, the U. This was a major policy reversal whose importance was not fully understood when it was made. Courts have for now enjoined the measure. In fact, immigration keeps the population growing and the economy developing, which accelerates the positive trends in the availability of natural resources and cleaner air and water. More than a dozen candidates indicated that they would support the repeal of criminal penalties for migrants apprehended while crossing the border. Overall, Unz and most free market economists conclude that foreign workers benefit Americans and the economy—and even those hurt temporarily—by lowering consumer costs, which raises productivity and, in turn, increases the number of jobs. As immigration increased and the origins of immigrants changed, U. Many critics worry that the failure to deal with immigration in the s will change the United States ethnically, culturally, and politically.

Those who favor continued immigration argue that America remains ready to accept and integrate foreigners.

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Mae M. Ngai, Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America